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Olivia f. Maino, "Take It Off (Remix)" MP3


All R&B should have harp. Just straight harp joints for the summer. It's like the most underrated instrument after the xylophone. It helps that most imagery associated with harps includes super-sexy people feeding each other grapes (in the buff is optional).

For Olivia's post-G-Unit return, she's singing with this soft, yet oversexed whisper of a voice. Now that she's not candy striping from her days as the first lady in 50 Cent's army, Maino stepped up as her Brooklyn co-sign. While promo for the song has been bubbling on the low since January, we're hoping a Maino cameo is the cause of the delay. Sadly the contest ended already, so we're just wondering if it took the clothes as long to drop as this wait for the video. Whatever, we're glad to hear Olivia is getting some checks. We'd hate for her to end up having to take it off for a little cizzash. Requirements were literally just a one minute clip of you stripping for a full 60 seconds to this song. Pretty sure our moms told us to never do that but then again sex tapes are the new door into celebrity. No woman should have to resort that. But if times are hard, and you're looking for some shine, hit her up. She might still be casting!

Download: Olivia f. Maino "Take It Off" (Remix)

Olivia f. Maino, "Take It Off (Remix)" MP3