Blizten Trapper = Jams to Help You Bond with Your Dad


Blitzen Trapper has been kicking out a release about once a year for a while now, a clip that wouldn’t matter much were their wares not so versatile. But they are, dudes! Destroyer of the Void is their freshest to date and lead mpfree”Heaven And Earth” finds them at their most plaintive. But it hints at more: whether they’re keeping quiet (Furr‘s “Not Your Lover” also the jam) or getting rowdy, this is exactly the kind of music you can confidently hand over to your dad. No other band bridges the sizable gap between the Band and Pavement quite as well. Their fingernails are clipped, yet dirty. They speak EVERY GENERATION’S LANGUAGE.

Blitzen Trapper, Heaven And Earth

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Destroyer of the Void is out via Sub Pop on June 8th.

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