Contest: Acquire Braid Reissue Vinyl, Test Pressings


We went on at length a few weeks ago about Polyvinyl and Braid‘s decision to the reissue the latter’s first two records. It was really exciting! Well, we’re even more enthused today because alongside the former, we’re offering you the chance to win some wax. Leave us your very best haiku, based on a your favorite Braid jam, in the comments section, and we’ll select three winners to receive all of reissues. Take heed: he/she that provides the most heartbreaking and/or appropriately baffling haiku, will also receive test of pressings of each. Only residents of the North American continent qualify to receive the package, but if you live elsewhere, don’t let that prohibit you hi-beaming some creative vibes this way. Sharing a poem never hurt anyone we know.

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  1. david says:

    eyes arise the soul
    california grows colder
    my weak front is home

  2. luca says:

    i live in italy near to strawberry ann
    switzerland mountain i can see
    an i’m still the boy i used to be

  3. crash says:

    chocolate chip snacks
    milwaukee sky rocket is
    i like sweet things dude

  4. Joey D says:

    Singing to myself
    Young lovers undercover-

  5. nikki says:

    if i win this thing,
    i’ll split the records with jess:
    she can have Frankie

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  7. Scott Heisel says:

    This shit’s B. Nanna’s
    Hollabacks from boys

  8. caitlin says:

    first day back, hoping,
    and should i be so lucky,
    missing you my love

    nights you kept me warm,
    you’re what i believe in,
    never better come

    all those sleepless nights,
    you are what i’m waiting for,
    why do i love you

  9. caitlin says:


    honestly, two years
    and you still can’t say the words
    yes, i will be here

    time waiting for you,
    the paper’s too wet to write,
    you belong with me

    do you miss me too,
    you know where to call your home,
    awkward isn’t it

    downtown where we meet,
    your eyes say words that mean more,
    and they all know now

    the rivers run dry,
    we never said anything,
    so much time passed,

    did we make this up,
    would they wait for you too, love,
    baby its time for bed,

    should have known better,
    synchronized whiskey bottles,
    us, long distance drunk,

    vacant pizza shops,
    remember when we were young,
    long nights after the show

    restaurant basements,
    when things were easier,
    i even knew then

    five dollars at the door,
    now has cost me so much more,
    am i not your star?

    and when i cant sleep,
    you’re the one i think about,
    just three blocks away

    braid words on your arm,
    messy hair gym short summer,
    you’ve got me hooked boy

    when i needed sleep,
    we’d lay awake not talking,
    i heard what you said,

    you are my anchor,
    and i just cant say goodbye,
    no need for new shoes

    illinois seasons,
    suburban soundtrack life,
    circus of the stars

  10. caitlin says:

    i dont know if we were able to put a whole poem made of haikus but just incase, im submitting 1 just by itself that came from the previous.

    illinois seasons,
    suburban soundtrack life,
    circus of the stars

  11. James Dean Saldivar says:

    Spilling like water
    out of Garner Hall Music
    Room, Braid quenched my thirst.

  12. Ian Myrenaes says:

    I can never yawn again
    chasing the sun across town
    and screaming “never…ever.”

  13. Cory Haksel says:

    for us never comes
    the stage is slowly sinking
    sounds like violence

  14. Sean says:

    insider trading:
    how many tries to nail
    Pixies chatter down?

  15. Sean says:

    Braid: a raid on time
    B-movie of sinking youth
    aural aid ahoy

  16. Andrew says:

    what could be better?
    braid vinyl and hugs from boys,
    reliving high school

  17. Sean says:

    upside down set list
    spied Milwaukee is on deck
    when suddenly she

    (drunk girl sloppy mouth)
    yelling in my ear “HEY..BRAID’S

    wrecking best part of
    fave song, dear, your ode shall be
    “Jersey Spit Rocket”

  18. John D says:

    Just Sixteen years old.
    Never got to see Braid live.
    Let me win this one.

  19. Ryan Naglak says:

    I wear a Braid pin
    On my jacket everyday
    I would love this vinyl

  20. Alan says:

    A dozen roses
    I would rather hear the song
    Than get the flowers

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