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Contest: Acquire Braid Reissue Vinyl, Test Pressings


We went on at length a few weeks ago about Polyvinyl and Braid's decision to the reissue the latter's first two records. It was really exciting! Well, we're even more enthused today because alongside the former, we're offering you the chance to win some wax. Leave us your very best haiku, based on a your favorite Braid jam, in the comments section, and we'll select three winners to receive all of reissues. Take heed: he/she that provides the most heartbreaking and/or appropriately baffling haiku, will also receive test of pressings of each. Only residents of the North American continent qualify to receive the package, but if you live elsewhere, don't let that prohibit you hi-beaming some creative vibes this way. Sharing a poem never hurt anyone we know.

Contest: Acquire Braid Reissue Vinyl, Test Pressings