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Oneida's Kid Millions Talks Hockey with Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio

VampireWeekendHockeyJust a taste. Be sure to head over to the Brah Records homepage to devour the entire thing.

KM: The last time I saw the Rangers at MSG I was gratified to hear the old organ banging away occasionally - it was one of the few explicitly "traditional" elements of watching the game left. . .You have an [sic] thoughts about the NHL, the game experience? You were a big fan of the Rangers growing up - but something happened. What was it? I stopped caring probably in 1990. The Whalers left Hartford in 1996. . .if they were still there I'd probably be more of an alcoholic now than I ended up.

CB: I was nine years old when the Rangers won the Stanley cup and it was absolutely incredible. After that, though, there's only so many failure seasons a person can take. I've gone to a couple games the last few seasons which always makes me incredibly nostalgic. There is something pretty timeless about going to a hockey game, and even if little things have changed since I was younger the overall experience is pretty much the same for me. When I was a kid I definitely thought it'd be cool if I were playing that organ one day. If I still followed the Rangers with the passion I did when I was a kid I'd definitely be more of an alcoholic too.

KM: The Whalers used to play this tune over the sound system after every goal. Think you might cover it? Do a split with Oneida?

CB: That song is pretty classy. The Rangers goal song has a pretty serious 90's rock vibe... I just looked it up and apparently it was written by the music director of Madison Square Garden. Good job dude!

Photograph by Dale May for Time Out New York

Posted: March 26, 2010
Oneida's Kid Millions Talks Hockey with Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio