Oneida's Kid Millions Talks Hockey with Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio

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KM: The last time I saw the Rangers at MSG I was gratified to hear the old organ banging away occasionally - it was one of the few explicitly "traditional" elements of watching the game left. . .You have an [sic] thoughts about the NHL, the game experience? You were a big fan of the Rangers growing up - but something happened. What was it? I stopped caring probably in 1990. The Whalers left Hartford in 1996. . .if they were still there I'd probably be more of an alcoholic now than I ended up.

CB: I was nine years old when the Rangers won the Stanley cup and it was absolutely incredible. After that, though, there's only so many failure seasons a person can take. I've gone to a couple games the last few seasons which always makes me incredibly nostalgic. There is something pretty timeless about going to a hockey game, and even if little things have changed since I was younger the overall experience is pretty much the same for me. When I was a kid I definitely thought it'd be cool if I were playing that organ one day. If I still followed the Rangers with the passion I did when I was a kid I'd definitely be more of an alcoholic too.

KM: The Whalers used to play this tune over the sound system after every goal. Think you might cover it? Do a split with Oneida?

CB: That song is pretty classy. The Rangers goal song has a pretty serious 90's rock vibe... I just looked it up and apparently it was written by the music director of Madison Square Garden. Good job dude!

Photograph by Dale May for Time Out New York

Oneida's Kid Millions Talks Hockey with Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio