CYRIOUSLY: Khia Licking Herself Into A New Genre

Khia Chambers, is known in the rap game, but also known as Khia the "My Neck, My Back" chick. Chea, that's her. I have been coming across various postings either by her (via Twitter) or about her dissing her fellow Floridian femcee Trina to doing sporadic radio promotion. Rap beef aside, the hardcore female rapper has stepped into R&B. In the past, I have made so many "suggestions" to the R&B readers here on Khia is a big one though. Make way Alicia Keys' thighs, I present the one and only Khia, an artist who can not only spit nasty melodies but grind the mess out of a microphone pole.

Well, let me take a step back to be a bit serious: I am not just drawing a name out of a hat and inking it to a post, I truly feel this Southern-grown woman could put a hurting (in a good way) on R&B. Sure, Rihanna did the "bad girl" look for the Rated R album and we have had some elegant sassy swag amongst the likes of Cassie's "extreme" haircut and Kelis' tough-girl look. But when you toss in an artist with the "street credibility," realistic 'hood tales, and an obsession with sex, the result is pure genius. Look at what Khia did when she toned down the agression in "Be Your Lady" from Nasti Muzik.

Now it was not until I heard an interview from over the weekend about her ability to "sing" and how home girl was already getting ready to release her "sixth" album, which if you ask me, gives her every right to take a break from rap and make the move into R&B. For those worried about what her "gangsta" image will do to record sales, I say place doubt to the side by remembering Susan Boyle who managed to ether the music game looking like Jack Black in drag (sorry, but true). For anyone worried about her inability to talk about love? I say dig deep into her catalogue of records from her last effort below and tell me they are incapable of becoming more soulful-based.

TITLE: "Be Your Lady"
CYRIOUSLY SPEAKING: Need I say anymore?

TITLE: "Put That P*ssy On His A**"
CYRIOUSLY SPEAKING: Sounds nothing less than feminism working its best!

TITLE: "Get Out"
CYRIOUSLY SPEAKING: Ha! I bet this has a Jonell 'Round & Round' feel to it.

TITLE: "A** Talk"
CYRIOUSLY SPEAKING: Romance, anyone?

Sure, the titles are explicit but in a genre where we tend to stretch the boundaries with male-dominance like R. Kelly's records or maybe even Trey Songz's assistance on Ludacris' "Sex Room," couldn't we agree Khia would make the perfect candidate to provide the real definition of "P*ssy Power?"

I mean, in times when Usher is getting explicit post "Papers" with Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys' sales seem to go up even more after allegedly being the cause of Swizz Beatz and Mashonda breaking up, Khia's emergence into R&B seems almost heaven sent. Shucks, the previous "bad girl" seemed like it was Keyshia Cole but with her having a baby recently, it seems we're down to a final few; Khia, just a suggestion.

CYRIOUSLY: Khia Licking Herself Into A New Genre