Matt & Kim Inspire New Erykah Badu Video

Matt & Kim‘s unforgettable video for “Lessons Learned” just achieved even greater longevity and, potentially, a brand new audience. Ms. Fat Belly Bella herself, the venerable Erykah Badu, was inspired by their brave strip-down in the middle of Times Square, and filmed her own nude liberation clip for her latest single, “Window Seat,” complete with Matt & Kim dedication at the beginning! Where the original mirrored Matt & Kim’s hyper-excited, joyous punk attitude, Badu makes it all her own, translating the concept of public nudity into a form of pure honesty, of total fearlessness. And, as the Zapruder film/Kennedy assassination sub-theme shows, courage can get you killed. But standing up for who you are at your core worth it, because of… EVOLUTION. What a tattoo! Check the gorgeous reinterpretation above and the Matt & Kim video after the jump.

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