Videos: Erykah and Kelis Are Getting Buck


Erykah Badu and Kelis Rogers both released videos from their new albums this weekend, and their clips for “Window Seat” and “Acapella,” respectively, share common themes. Both are interpretations on previous works: Erykah cribs Matt & Kim’s award-winning “Lessons Learned” video, but replaces Times Square with Dallas and adds a heaping, unsettling teaspoonful of Zapruder film. Alternately, Kelis goes the route of weirdo conservatives James Cameron and Mel Gibson, channeling her newly all-over-the-place unicorn mullet into an Avatar/Apocalypto fantasia, along with a shot featuring dogs that is part Bollywood, part Dark Crystal, part Eight Below. Each video features the ladies various states of undress, Badu literally in process of stripping down on the street, Kelis just rocking the gold lamé bikini steez and chilling with her huskies. Unfortunately it sounds like hot garbage when you plug the songs into Two YouTubes and a Motherfucking Crossfader, but they’re both still examples of two longstanding talents trying out new musical ideas in the third/fourth phases of their careers.

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  1. Ant says:

    Kelis is an epic fail.

  2. Maggie says:

    I don’t think Kelis’ video really goes together in a seamless way, too many messages she’s trying to get across. Her music seems like a natural progression as far as style goes, considering dance and hip hop is slowly mixing together.
    Loved Erykah’s btw.

  3. Jane says:

    Kelis has strong sensuality and sensibility poured into lovely imagery!

  4. Paul says:

    Who says epic fail outside of 4chan?lol

    Wicked video.

  5. Kelis is just so incredibly inconsistent. What in the world? She is like the anti-Erykah or something. God, I wish someone would give me money to get it wrong as often as Kelis does. This girl just needs like some denim overalls and Stevie Nicks’ backing band, that’s it. Pared down — voice, emotions, 70s style epic jammage. This other stuff is unnecessary. When will she learn?

    But since Europe loves Kelis, I fear this track will unfortunately be part of the radio soundtrack of this coming EU- summer. Bring on the David Guetta megamix, *sigh*