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David Vandervelde, "Learn How To Hang" Live From Texas

In the midst of SXSW mayhem, we caught up with old FADER friend David Vandervelde at his downtown Austin hotel for a low-key acoustic sesh on the rooftop deck. Unfortunately, when we showed up in the lobby with a camera in hand, the not-so-friendly receptionist immediately called security. We fled to find Vandervelde lounging at a bar on the twelfth floor while the hotel suits scurried to the roof to look for shaggy ne'er-do-wells. We escaped via the elevator while Vandervelde serenaded the entire hotel and its patrons, ending up in a church courtyard across the street. He sat down on the grass and played his latest jam, "Learn How To Hang," with a long-haired fellow by the name of "Mr. Jimmy." It's confirmed: dudes have definitely learned how to hang and are now putting it into practice. More information on Mr. Jimmy and more songs from our happiest hour with David Vandervelde coming soon. Please excuse the wind, it was hectic out there.

David Vandervelde, "Learn How To Hang" Live From Texas