Interview: Vivian Green's Tips On How to Treat a Lady

There's no re-inventing the wheel when dealing with your lady. Guys pay attention: they wrote the book, you're just reading it. Trust, the word according to Vivian Green won't land nice guys in last place. Take "Beautiful" for example, the new record from her third album advises fellas, "hold her when she wants to be held," "don't yell at her when she's only trying to love you," and "take her to her favorite place more often than not." McDonald's is cool since Viv doesn't set a budget. After watching the video for "Beautiful" we were inspired by the googly-eyed couple demonstrating her tried but true words. She fielded our questions on those special occasions. See what Vivian had to say after the jump.


How would you create the perfect first date?

Vivian Green: I've been on plenty of first dates. I've always gone to dinner, which seems so corny (people are going to think I'm so boring and corny). Usually on first dates I like to talk a lot because I'm trying to get to know you a little bit, and I think we should definitely be talking. We went to dinner, and we were probably the last ones in there. (laughs) A place that doesn't close the kitchen at 10, where we can talk, drink, talk some more, and get to know one another. But first he has to of course, open the door. Every place the door has to be open—the car. He has to let you go first, and he has to walk on the outside of the street.

Doing that will hopefully result in 2nd, and 3rd dates, right?

Vivian Green: You need to keep doing those things even when you're 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years in. Those things keep everything fresh and make her feel like, 'oh it's our first date.' She should feel like that all the time. It shouldn't mean you being chivalrous, just trying to woo her, and then it all stops afterwards. That's the message I'm trying to convey in the song.

Is it possible to feel beautiful on a breakup date, or where you can leave with some form of dignity?

Vivian Green: These questions are really fun. Breakup date? I've never had a breakup date, I wouldn't know. Is it possible to feel beautiful on a breakup date? You'd have to look the hottest you've ever looked. I think it's important for the woman to feel beautiful about herself.

You want them to feel like they're missing out on something, but that sounds more like revenge.

Vivian Green: If you guys breakup after the date, you walk out of there like, 'I want you to hold yourself up high, and feel like you're fabulous.' And nothing can make you feel like that more than a pair of hot pumps and a cute outfit.

How would you picture the anniversary date?

Vivian Green: The anniversary date should have gifts and you should definitely wear something you know he loves. I think the anniversary date should cater to the man. If he loves you in a specific dress then wear that one; or get one like it, or similar cut. Your hair, your shoes, I think that's important, but that's just me. Wear what you wore or go where you went on your first date for your anniversary, both things work.

How about for birthdays?

Vivian Green: The birthday you need to go out of town, have a birthday weekend, a nice getaway. Most of my birthdays have been spent on the road, and I wasn't with someone on those birthdays. I've spent birthdays everywhere. Birthdays and Thanksgivings in different places where I should have been somewhere else. It's ok, it's my job, what are you gonna do.

How does creeping with your side-piece fit into the equation?

Vivian Green: It does not fit into my equation at all. Nope.

For a date, you want to look beautiful on the outside, but can you still be beautiful on the inside knowing that you're creeping?

You should feel creepy on the inside with a side piece. (laughs)

So there are no dates, or rendezvous?

Vivian Green: With a side piece? No. I don't have side pieces in my world. I try to stay away from that.

Right. But there's lots of guys that do have sidepieces that you don't know about. It doesn't have to be just you.

Vivian Green: (laughs) So you want me to give advice to guys that have a sidepiece? I'm not gonna do it.

How can he make that woman feel as comfortable as his main lady?

Vivian Green: You're so funny. I don't know how to answer that, oh my God. You're all red.

OK I don't want to put you out there as the trifilng Vivian Green.

Vivian Green: No, please!

What if it's just for drinks... with your significant other.

Vivian Green: For drinks? It might have been my birthday, I didn't go anywhere out of the country or exotic or anything. We went restaurant-hopping to our four favorite restaurants. The first one, we had our favorite drink and appetizer from that restaurant. Then the next one, we had a pre-dinner drink (our favorite drink from that restaurant), then we went to our third restaurant and we had food, and then we had a post-drink at another restaurant. So if I think you're gonna go out for drinks, I think you should restaurant hop. Every restaurant is gonna have a specialty drink that another one isn't gonna have. I find that's true for me.


Interview: Vivian Green's Tips On How to Treat a Lady