Phoenix Will Play MTV Unplugged, Sit Amongst Candles

It's true, they tweeted it not too long ago. Here are some instructions from the Frenchies' very own web journal. (NOT to be confused with a LiveJournal):

MTV is filming a very special and very intimate concert featuring Phoenix and they want the biggest NYC fans to be a part of it!

If you are a huge fan and would like the opportunity to receive Complimentary Admission to this concert, please reply back to

Leave “Phoenix” as the subject and include the following:


AGE (must be at least 18 years old):




GUEST NAME & AGE (you may bring ONE guest with you):

Favorite Phoenix song:

Why are you such a fan:

The show is taping Thursday, April 15th in NYC, so you must be in the NYC area to apply for this concert.

The time is still to be determined, so be sure you will be available all day before you reply for tickets. Nevertheless the show will most likely be in the afternoon.

Upon receiving your email, you’ll be contacted with all of the final details, should you receive admission.

These spots will go fast, so reply back soon!

Photo by Dorothy Hong

Phoenix Will Play MTV Unplugged, Sit Amongst Candles