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Jamtech Foundation, "Too Fast" MP3


We've been reading Discobelle every day for years for their impeccable taste in all flavors of electronic music, so it only stands to reason that the music they release on their eponymous label is dope. For their second Discobelle Records release, they've tapped the talents of fellow Swedes Jamtech Foundation, who meld their deep dancehall crates with an ingrained, floor-popping Euro techno sensibility. "Too Fast" is just the right combo of buggy synth tweaks and introspective, muted beats, but the remixes on the release, purchasable here, range from syncopated sub-bass ping pong (Zombie Disco Squad) to pulsing space jams (Julio Bashmore). Here's to a jillion more years of Discobelle releases (and spots on our RSS feed).

Download: Jamtech Foundation, "Too Fast"

Jamtech Foundation, "Too Fast" MP3