Parental Advisory: Jett I. Masstyr x Phyllis Hyman Mixtape

Check for updates on what your parent's favorite musicians are doing in our weekly Parental Advisory post. This week's soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Phyllis Hyman.

Back in the '90s, soul music was under the spell of Phyllis Hyman. She could belt out tunes putting her contemporaries in check, like Stephanie Mills and Teena Marie. Sad enough, R&B's loss of Phyllis to a tragic suicide left a void that only hip-hop has filled by sampling her voice. It's 15 years after her passing, now Phyllis has become the muse for Houston, TX producer, Jett I. Masstyr on his beat compilation Me & Phyllis Forever.

Are we seeing another soul resurgence? Little Brother recently sampled Phyllis' "Ain't You Had Enough Love" for their latest, "Star." Kanye West, the Alchemist, and J. Dilla have made careers off their unique spin on samples by speeding them up, giving rappers a mature sound normally associated with grown folks music. On Me & Phyllis Forever, Jett I. takes the best of Phyllis chopping up loops from songs like "Living In Confusion," and "Can't Pretend Love." So if you're looking for a new batch of beats, click to download the new mixtape from Jett I. Masstyr below.

Download: Jett I Masstyr, Phyllis Hyman "Can't Pretend Love"

Click here to download Me & Phyllis Forever.

Parental Advisory: Jett I. Masstyr x Phyllis Hyman Mixtape