Video: Nicki Minaj, “Massive Attack”


1. No one has looked this good with green hair since Trey Cool in 1998
2. Hype needs to just make Bladerunner 2 with Prodigy in the lead role and Nicki as the killer humanoid
3. This is the weirdest debut single we can remember in awhile
4. Did they really paint a 300,000$ car hot pink? How does that work?
5. Amber Rose and Nicki: Twisted Sisterz
6. No rear enhancements obvs


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  1. silas Aka simon says:

    im sure its just a wrap and not paint, horrible single choice, could we at least get one good ass shot

  2. Jamie says:

    Ew creepy comment

  3. Paul says:

    1. I liked the song more on the first listen…weird
    2. Nice take on the the whole GaGa Cigarette-Sunglasses
    3. I feel kinda empty after watching that lol

  4. YoungSweezy says:

    1. Nicki is channeling J.Lo “Waiting For Tonight” in this video
    2. The ARMY should use this as their new recruiting commercial
    3. This would have been better with Nicki just dancing by herself in an empty white room

  5. Zam Zam says:

    Far from a Hype classic, but a decent vid nevertheless.
    Too bad the lyrics totally ruin it.

  6. Jheri says:

    If there are any haters around leave a comment above mine?

  7. reeses says:

    thank you nicki for providing more fodder to an industry filled with such enriching and audibly stimulating music. i too would like to master the art of pseudo belly-dancing to accentuate my fatting while blinking rapidly (enter coy expression here).

    on a serious note…i really hope these are stepping stones for u to one day actually release something worthwhile.

  8. dopesinister says:

    wow what haters…..this video is hot, this is the dopest beat, apparently no one has heard this in the car, bass on full blast. NIcki will prevail, you haters will be licking her toes.

  9. Paul says:


  10. Does anybody know how to watch videos on here??

  11. crysatl says:

    To: ontario corley;fuck no! i had to watch dis shit on youtube then replied on here, maJOUr buLL ShiT! also to all u NIcKI mINaj fans out there-fuK ya’ll! Fuck ya’ll all! yup bitches and niggaz I SAid it and wat! the bitch whole body is fake and all she can do is rap. She need to sit Down and put 2 stix in her fake ass bunz!