Suite903 Souvenirs: Four Albums from Winter Music Conference 2010

Now that the 2010 Winter Music Conference all wrapped up, Suite903 has something to show other than a pocket full of stones from Miami beach. If WMC was any indication of where the independent soul scene is heading, look for a lot of cross-breeding between hip-hop, electronica, and R&B music to emerge from artists looking to be in the rotation of every forward-thinking DJ. Read about some of the promising acts that came out of WMC after the jump.

Yoshi The Talent Show

Working to break out of the Michigan Underground hip-hop scene, Yoshi brought this album with him to show off at WMC. The Talent Show features tracks spewing a fusion of hip-hop, and R&B. On "Dance Tonight" Yoshi collaborates with fellow vocalist Marvin Hawkins to create a smooth mix of dance beats and vocals that sound like a blend of Earth, Wind & Fire and R&B inspired rap. For "Magnetic" Yoshi brings in the sweet soul vocals of Darien Brockington to complement Buff1's smooth-talking rhymes. The combination of D-Brock and Buff1 plus some synth organ gives me the feeling of a hip-hop church. Hallelujah Holla Back!

Download: Yoshi f. Buff1 and Darien Brockington "Magnetic"

DJ Sabo SABO Remixes ReEditsXclusives & WMC Sampler 2010

DJ Sabo came wielding two CD's of exclusive remixes and re-edits. The Sabo remixes compilation includes Sabo's take on Mos Def's "Quiet Dog." Complete with spacey keys and laser cuts, the edit even gives Mos' party-pleaser from The Ecstatic a new trance/acid-jazz feel. On the second CD, WMC Sampler, Sabo puts together a collection of 3 Sol Selectas EPs consisting of a wide mix of afro-beat, electronic, and dancehall remixes. In "Sangueborn" Sabo has combies his own latin roots, Iggy Mon's reggae influenced vocals, and the production skills of SF Dub innovator J-Boogie. Though the rhythms and vocals don't match geographically, they definitely match sonically. Lighters up!

Download: Mos Def "Quiet Dog" (Sabo Cosmic Edit)

Dezaray Dawn Chameleon EP

Up and coming future soul singer Dezaray Dawn simply has that voice you want to hear. Warm, emotive, and in combination with skillfully-produced electronic rhythms. "Chameleon" highlight's Dezaray's typical fusion of laid back vocals over the crackle of electronic drum hits. Stylistically, Dezaray pushes the boundries of future soul by merging her own natural vibrato with a computerized quiver, creating a quasi distorted Dezaray Dawn cyborg within her music. Case and point, this is cool.

Download: Dezaray Dawn "Hide Away"

Various Artists Auraluxe: The Land of Misfit Soul

A somewhat odd collection of seemingly dancehall meets R&B tracks, the CD contains a couple of singles focusing on Atlanta artists Dezaray Dawn, DJ Salah Ananse, and Mausiki Scales followed by a couple of remixes. Mausiki Scales and his group drop a single with UK soul diva Julie Dexter entitled, "Spirit Dancer." The near 5-minute endeavor conjoins the ambience of an R&B ballad while still being backed with a beat DJs can add to their Friday night set this weekend. In the remix section we have solid Ananse remix of theDOLLDAZE's "2040." Doll adds some sassy intention that works nicely with the back-beat giving the track a Black Eyed Peas type of groove.

Download: Jill Scott "Cross My Mind" (Salah Ananse Mix)

Suite903 Souvenirs: Four Albums from Winter Music Conference 2010