Rapper's Worst Nightmare: The Dream's Best Featured Verses

It's bad enough that guys should keep their lady from the Dream. If you're a rapper, you might want to do the same with your beats. Research shows: on "Put It Down" Terius threw a jab at MC's saying, "I see you jockin' Dream." Were they paying attention though? Nah (ahh-ahh), he's the other "rapper eater" showing them up with his guest verses.

To his hip-hop counterparts it's probably not a big deal because Dream plays his position doing the best damn R&B, period. The fact that he can sing a few thugged out lyrics better than they can rap 'em, well, don't be mad, your beat really chose Dream. Check out four songs the Dream owned after the jump.

Bone "Home Gurl" (Remix) f. Rick Ross, The Dream, Bun B
It seems like an odd pairing of some of rap's more established guys with the unknown Bone. Well it turns out Bone is signed to Def Jam, hence the connection to the Dream. The other curveball is that Dream can pull out (c'mon son) lines like, "I hit her on the first date you still on the first base," boxing out more than just his lady.

DJ Drama f. The Dream, LA Darkman, and Too Short "Tipper Love"
The strip club can be a pretty uninviting place with the lights on. Unfortunately that's what it feels like listening Drama's Aphilliates homie LA follow Dream on Gangsta Grillz Vol. 2. Yeah, we know when the lights go out, we're all black (good thing), but Darkman and Too Short are barely dim (bad thing). Dream does the right thing: coaxing the ladies the way they want to be spoken to—"I call her Boomerang when she doing her thing, she throw it and she bring it right back."

Young Chris f. The Dream "You Know I"
The future looked bright for Young Chris when he added this Dream collab to his Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Then again, things looked better for Young Chris back when he was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records. When the mixtape dropped in fall 2008, Chris was rebuilding after the R.O.C. breakup, and using "You Know I" showed the Young Gunner could follow up bigger lady-friendly records like "No Better Love." It would even be fair to say Chris outdoes Dream on this slow-burner, but Chris phones in lines like, "I know your legs tired because you been runnin' through my mind." Dream's got this one.

Photo by Jonathan Mannion

Drake f. The Dream "Shut It Down"
Drizzy vs. Dream, it's almost a split decision between these two soulful titans. Drake does a gang of singing between his Comeback Season and So Far Gone mixtapes. Sure both guys are radio killers, but Terius Nash owns the name Radio Killa as his label, plus Dream is the self-proclaimed R&B gorilla. These new jacks are the best of both worlds. There's little rapping though on this recent leak from Drake's Thank Me Later, so there's no real way to say, Dream out rapped Drake. Last time we checked though, Drake is a spitter, who's still earning his stripes as a certified crooner, compared to Dream who goes further in at the end of the song. Catch up doggie.

Rapper's Worst Nightmare: The Dream's Best Featured Verses