Cyriously: A Child Witnessed Erykah Badu, You Mad?

Each week Cyrus Kyle Langhorne weighs-in on hot button issues with his sharp commentary. This week’s subject: Erykah Badu.

Okay, let's be clear: this is not a real "diss" posting and I would never want to make any reader feel like a child has a one up on a grown man (or woman). After listening, watching and reading all this recent controversy surrounding Erykah Badu and her "Window Seat" music video, I have to vent through a few bars, and get down to the nitty gritty.

With this entire Badu excitement, I laugh because it reminds me of a past posting where I said artists should drop a sex tape of themselves to get a big buzz up, kinda just free 'em up of any polished look and just flip the script on folks. Shucks, it served as a big buzz alert for Cassie and Rihanna around this time last year. And then we get "Window Seat."


Erykah Badu stripped naked in Dallas, Texas for a music video.

Erykah Badu claims to have done the act for "artistic expression."

Erykah Badu has a fatty. Sorry, but it is true.

Erykah Badu took the Internet by storm with the video and gained tons of lovers, and friends. "Hi Haters!"

Erykah Badu made the Dallas police look like they were sleepin' on their pimpin' after a woman protested her child was "damaged" after seeing the beauty which is a naked Erykah Badu.

Local news, national news, Alice Cooper, your favorite singer, my favorite rapper, errrybody weighs in on the 'why,' 'how come,' 'what really,' 'but would you,' 'can you,' 'did you,' 'have you' questions.

Dang near a week goes by and then "complaints" from "all across the country" force the Dallas police (nice job at having a black man from the Associated Press talking about the charge. SMH. Politics...), to charge Badu with disorderly conduct and a $500 fine.

Erykah Badu's (secret) plan of promotion works, whether she wants to admit it or not, as her projected first-week record sales are up around 120,000 copies.

"Artistic expression" and marketing wins. (Shout-outs to C'stone Promotion!)

Nudity, nudity, nudity! It really makes me laugh because if you have ever read my posts, about 2/5 of them are, in some way, related to sex, nudity and just organic loving. Come on, "English Muffin Sex?" Pwwease, I dang near wrote the book on these cases.

Luckily for me, I just happened to be on YouTube and saw the "New Video: Erykah Badu's 'Window Seat'" posting and took a minute to look at it. Honestly, I had heard through a few gossip sites of home girl being "stacked" in an upcoming video, but when I actually saw the visual, it easily brought back the 'Au Revoir 'A**Parade,' '40-Inch Plus,' 'Onion Booty' 'Monster Curves,' videos which consumed a grip of my junior high school years. I was hooked on analyzing and re-re-re-re-viewing "Window Seat." But don't get it twisted, it wasn't my manhood and obsession with sex, and nudity that piqued my interest in Erykah Badu. I've been a fan since she sang, "I guess I'll see you next lifetime... we'll be butterflies..." in the mid-late 1990's. So don't get it twisted, dun dun.

I put it like this, I have been a Stacey Dash fan for a grip of years. Now even though I never got down with the Clueless flick, I supported her roles in Mo' Money, to even those other B-movies I refuse to even name, all the way to her supporting role in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" music video. So why would/should I be punished or looked down upon for acknowledging her when she does a shocking Playboy Magazine spread once hitting the ripe ol' age of 40?

Therefore, whether the subject be Erykah, Vida Guerra, Sade, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, etc., women should just allow themselves and their boy-boys, husbands, fiances, be men and appreciate a move like the one Badu pulled. As far as "artistic expression," look, I see where she's trying to go. Could home girl could have done the visual as a cartoon though? Maybe not? While I won't argue motivation or true reasoning, if this was a big strategy, it really makes me laugh.

For those of us who covered or at least peeped the details regarding the disorderly conduct charge Badu received, the video was composed/filmed on March 13—weeks before it actually got released online. Oh wait, you guys didn't realize the video landed online Saturday, March 27th? (laugh) And guess what, the album dropped 72 hours later, which if you ask me, is perfect timing for her to get the Internet crowds talking and The FADER, MTV News, etc., bloggers, and reporters finding out the nitty gritty details, consequences, opposing views, supporting perspectives on it.

Tons of thoughts, lots of remarks and a whole bunch of underlying horniness found within this posting, hope you caught it all.


Cyriously: A Child Witnessed Erykah Badu, You Mad?