John Blu "In Love Wit Yo Booty" MP3


Jive Records fired off Usher as their R&B big gun last week. Of the label's flagship artists popping off this year: R. Kelly, T-Pain, and Raheem DeVaughn are putting out big hits. The label is still going "bang" (despite Chris Brown's desperation for radio airplay), but can new talent John Blu keep Jive from shooting blanks?

When music needs shaking up, that's a call to innovate. Blu calls himself the "R&B bully." He's a bruiser looking to leave his mark. So if the lowest lowest-common denominator—the female's backside is where the shaking has to happen, then so be it. Writing "Feelin' On Your Booty" did wonders for Blu's fellow Chicagoan, R. Kelly. Let's hope, (for Blu's sake) you slow down for this bump rather than dodge it like roadkill.

John Blu "In Love Wit Yo Booty"

John Blu "In Love Wit Yo Booty" MP3