Video: Liquid Liquid Plays “Cavern” on Jimmy Fallon with Help from The Roots

Sal Principato still got the fierce mustache and ?uestlove still got the fierce afro comb. Some things thankfully stay the same. Like the bass line from “Cavern,” the fingerpick that launched a thousand breakdance battles. The reissue they hold up in the video was released in 2008, so not really clear why this happened now (feel free to enlighten us in the comments). Regardless, classic jam. Sasha Frere-Jones thought so. Hands up!

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  1. Ernie Hotsauce says:

    He’s been too busy teaching people how to cook awesome vegan food.

  2. premini says:

    No video for people outside the states…? hulu sucks

  3. Graven12 says:

    Awesome. Thank You Jimmy, and the Roots. As to why it happened now…I believe it had something to do with a Tribute to Jimmy Fallons sister on her Birthday.

  4. Statik says:

    Still sounds amazing.