We Live-Blogged No Age's Rodarte Score

No Age's score of Aeneni, FADER contributor Todd Cole's short film Rodarte, is now roaming the Internet on its own. Below for the clicking, it shows an ambient side they access frequently, their spin cycle pop-punk usually propped up by the kind of washes we've live-blogged for you today. It's after the jump and jam.

No Age, Live At The Red Cat

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-White noise starts us off, or something like it. Then the sound of a steam train, followed by a muffled, psychedelic rock vibe. The reverb of the guitar gives it a feel that I might, among friends, dub “groovy.”

-A brief interlude of running and panting.

- Man, does it now get awesome, when come:

1) Jangly punk guitars, sounding like faulty, wonderful chainsaws. And then a light, heavenly thing starts taking over, erasing some of the haze.

2) The train whistle again.

3) A train chuff sound or chattering repeats quietly. Above that: a melody that sounds like either a clown’s anthem in a horror film or church organs.

4) A sort of mechanical grinding, or the sound of a lawnmower. Something sinister is afoot. It stays afoot.

5) Now, from nowhere, spiralling guitar riffs: it’s like someone’s memory of two or three Hendrix sounds being repeated.

-Remember that grinding sound that’s been going around? Plugged up. Replaced by a hopeful atmospheric glow. The song picks up speed, and sunny vocals enter. The song zippers up like a just woken junkie.

We Live-Blogged No Age's Rodarte Score