Black Buddafly "Can't Fuck With Me" MP3

From left to right: Amina and Jazz. No two snowflakes are alike.

Black Buddafly is now two girls, one group; a pair of tatted up twin songstresses that had a good look from Uncle Rush when he signed them as a trio to the Russell Simmons Music Group. When we say songstresses, we mean just that—they spawned two records that were worth listening to, "Rock-A-Bye" and "Bad Girl" with Fabolous. What went wrong?

With no artists of LL Cool J or Beastie Boys calibur, the chances of Russell starting another Def Jam, anchored by Reverend Run, Short Dawg, and Black Buddafly, didn't seem like it was gonna fly. The German-born Amina and Jazz are still flapping their wings though, singing the nasty girl anthems that got a rise out folks the first time. Listen to them go for a second round below.

Download: Black Buddafly "Can't Fuck With Me"


Black Buddafly "Can't Fuck With Me" MP3