Hurts, “Better Than Love” MP3 Preview + “Blood, Tears and Gold” Video

Hurts are a British duo who are going to save our emotions from ruin. “Blood Tears and Gold” has already made the European rounds, and we are hoping it will drift over the ocean and into our overheated circulatory systems. Wildly dramatic and riding the plain between gaudy and gilded, Hurts are a perfect synthesis of all that is both horribly and wonderfully ostentatious in music, sewn together in bespoke suits and self-important black and white. They are also signed to Sony. Their new single, for which FADER columnist Scott Wright has a preview on his Pinglewood blog, is “Better Than Love,” and it seems to be about the wear your body takes on its way to death. Fortunately, until we pass, there are moments of luxury, the music of Hurts very much included. May they live up to their own impossibly high standards, fulfilling our much more meager ones along the way.

Download: Hurts, “Better Than Love” preview

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