Parental Advisory: Quincy Jones f. Akon (Video Teaser + MP3)

Check for updates on what your parent’s favorite musicians are doing in our weekly Parental Advisory post. This week’s soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Quincy Jones.

Whenever Quincy Jones does a remix or mashup, as the kids call them these days, you can be certain he has personally worked with every artist on the track. While we still break out in hives at the mere suggestion of thoughtless mixing, Quincy effortlessly brings together artists of all genres for jamboree covers of iconic tunes.

Remember when he put Ray Charles and Chaka Khan together? Wait, some of you may not have even been born or been able to chew real food yet. Young whippersnappers are thinking: "Chaka and Ray are the same age: old!" but they're not from the same era kiddies. That song, just like the makeover of "Strawberry Letter 23," was a cover of the Brothers Johnson that (you guessed it!) Quincy originally produced. Dig this other layer: the Brothers Johnson version of "Strawberry Letter 23" is also a take on a Shuggie Otis throwback. Thanks Q, now every generation can have their own remake. Quincy's remix album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra is expected this year and this is the first single featuring a light-hearted Konvict. Scroll down for the video, single cover art, and song.

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Quincy Jones f. Akon "Strawberry Letter 23"

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Parental Advisory: Quincy Jones f. Akon (Video Teaser + MP3)