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Patternity Has the Best Printed Matter on Earth

If, like us, you're completely obsessed with prints, then Patternity's blog is like digital crack, fastidiously capturing and decoding the hidden patterns of life, like the beautiful step and repeat of an Eastern Bloc apartment building (ahh the balconies! How they line up so perfectly!) or the spidery shadow of palm trees against a sidewalk. Art director Anna Murray and designer Grace Winteringham are the UK-based duo behind the design company, and their rotating wheel of daily inspiration is likely to end up on the shirts and dresses we'll be wearing in the future. Style blogger Susie Bubble put us on to their latest collaboration with Supermarket Sarah, and the series of goodies they've curated for the online store—pictured here—are nothing short of printed genius.

Patternity Has the Best Printed Matter on Earth