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Someone Who Is Not Zola Jesus Made A Zola Jesus Video

Back in cold cold February when everyone in New York had resorted to wearing those puffy sleeping bag coats, a friend and I trekked out to a studio set in Brooklyn to try to be in the Zola Jesus video for "Night," her first single off the incredible Stridulum EP. We were supposed to be in a club scene that called for "high fashion robo-lesbians from the 80s," but the shoot was running late and had to wrap without ever filming my gray stripper heels.

This is an unofficial video set to the title track off of that same EP. I don't wanna be a robo-lez about this, but it's kind of boring. Grainy shots of graveyards and carousels are to this music what stock photos of white people with perfect teeth are to store bought picture frames. Where are the green lasers? Where are the dead-eyed models in catsuits? This song still knocks though, a good jam to sit with in your room alone, pretending you're in a club full of high fashion robo-lesbians from the 80's.

(via Delicious Copitone and Pitchfork)

Someone Who Is Not Zola Jesus Made A Zola Jesus Video