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Woven Bones Proffer Sweet, Sweet Sludge


Like in the case of that ridiculously good Liars video, unknown forces have kept us from posting the sludge that Woven Bones churn. The Austin-via-Orlando three-piece let out a howl of a track last week from their debut LP, In and Out and Back Again. Entitled "If It Feels Alright," the song was an awfully filthy ode to the Stooges— a few industrial strength chords jammed together in what couldn't be anything but a Texas hovel, maybe basted in sweat. Today the snarly "Guess You Already Knew" is up for grabs, and while its title doesn't have much on its web successor, it rules nonetheless. Also, just as a reminder, that aforementioned full-length was lovingly named In and Out and Back Again. It'll be out May 18th on HoZac.

Woven Bones, If It Feels Alright

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Woven Bones, Guess You Already Knew

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Woven Bones Proffer Sweet, Sweet Sludge