Jeremy Jay, “Splash” MP3


According to his press bio, Jeremy Jay is currently living in London, which is not very close to California. We also remember something about him being a hobo and hopping trains or something (did that happen?), which always seems cool but probably a really bad idea for most people (us). Whatever the case, his moving around has had a noticeable effect on his music, which previously skirted the edges of pervasive loneliness and still does. But it seems more expansive now, like dude had a million awesome guitar solos and loose ideas spilling out of his bindle and just had to set them all free on this song.

Download: Jeremy Jay, “Splash” (via MBV)

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  1. JP says:

    wrong song, that’s not ‘splash’ that’s ‘let’s go surfing’ by the drums

  2. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    There was a mistake in the code, it’s all fixed now. Thanks for noticing!