Video: Cypress Hill f. Pitbull & Marc Anthony, “Armada Latina”

FOR THE REST OF 2010, IF WE GO TO A BARBECUE AND THIS SONG IS NOT PLAYING, WE WILL IMMEDIATELY DIP. Just kidding! Here is the scenario we actually want though: B-Real and Sen Dog drive us in that specific car to the barbecue, blasting the Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that “Armada Latina” samples. Then we roll into the barbecue and THIS is the barbecue. Only the actual Marc Anthony is there instead of this less-hot goatee’d stand in, and he decides he is in love with us and must marry us immediately. Jennifer Lopez will be okay with it as long as he is still nice to her. Then Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico all play each other in the World Cup, but all of them win. It’s gonna be an awesome summer.

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