Hollywood, You Know We're Right

We've been mulling over the up and down Internet-narrative about who will do what in the eventual Kurt Cobain biopic for months. In February, we proposed three suitable options to the folks making film, three actors that might fit Cobain's part. But Hollywood has yet to take heed of our expert suggestions.

This morning, we were bombarded (and subsequently bummed) by the news from The Sun that Twilight heartthrob, Robert Pattinson, would be the man to be cardigan-clad on the silver screen. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when evaluating the choice of Who Should Play Kurt Cobain. The two names dropped in the UK newspaper are two of the most famous teeny bopper icons currently bopping teens (Zac Efron being the other), so it can be difficult to accept them as the appropriate guys for the job. What those casting decisions do, though, is open up a world that may otherwise be uncharted by  13-year-old Seventeen subscribers. It's like the selection of "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill as level on Rock Band—there are a litany of youngins who get the opportunity to discover riot grrl without the necessity of an older sibling (and let's face it, while the Internet is vast, very little comes up when you Google "cool all girl bands"). If Robert Pattinson were to be casted as Cobain, he and his girlfriend/vampire flick co-star, Kristen Stewart, would solidify themselves as the couple the rock hero racket on lock. (If you didn't already know, KStew plays Joan Jett in The Runaways).

Alas, the good folks over at Spin have put the kibosh on any inkling that Team Edward is officially holding the reigns on telling Cobain's story to tinseltown. The Sun also reported that the appropriately blonde Scarlett Johansson would be portraying Courtney Love—not only are the two friends, but Johansson is reportedly buddy-buddy with Cobain and Love's daughter, Frances Bean, so there's a good chance that we could see her landing the role. Courtney Love, we have rock & roll and your best interests in mind. Since there are no confirmations yet as to who will be cast in this movie, we'd like to offer our services as casting consultants. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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Hollywood, You Know We're Right