The Countdown To Ray J and Brandy's "Family Business"

It's bittersweet to think of VH1's date shows moving on without another For The Love Of Ray J. That's not to say that there's not another well-deserving male pseudo-celebrity out there, looking for a talented lady who can plummet from a stripper pole into a split. The truth is, Ray J's reaction to said stunt, whilst wearing a fancy Chinchilla makes for better TV.

So that means it's time to give the bachelor life a rest, and think money on Family Business. Hey, we are technically out of a recession, and judging by the value of Brandy and Ray J's music, and television ventures, 2Pac's "M.O.B." credo makes cents. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best new material coming from the future of the Norwood fam.


Blink and you missed Ray J's breakout performance in Envy. It was straight-to-dvd, which could technically be considered a step up from reality TV. You've seen what happens to most reality TV "actors" after the execs pull the plug on the show, next their spinoff is a YouTube sensation! At least Ray J can get the experience of working with actresses with résumé's more his speed Maia Campbell (South Central), and Lisaraye (The Player's Club, Beauty Shop).

Isn't it a party foul when two girls show up wearing the same article clothing? That's gotta apply to Jennifer Lopez and Brandy seeing the same beat sewn together by the Dream and trying it on for size. Yikes! The creative juices were really flowing when they named the record after the killer red-bottomed Louboutin shoes. Watch out for the blood on the dance-floor (no MJ).

Download: Brandy "Louboutins"

The full five-minute preview of Family Business hit the net this week, and we gotta say, KNOCKOUT! Imagine, a mogul Ray J, with Knockout Entertainment really getting off the ground. The possibilities of Ray J's homies making more smash songs than embarrassing "she smashed the homies" chants is just what we want to see printed on T-shirts in the summer time. Wait, they already made those.

It's rare that Ray J goes in over beats on par with his early work with the Neptunes. "Wait A Minute" and "Formal Invite" were times when he was just Brandy's little bro, lurking in her shadow pulling chicks with his patented Scorpion move. His freestyle over Lloyd Banks' "Beamer, Benz, or Bently" goes for the jugular. Get over here!

It's only a matter of time before the AIM chime goes off signaling the next instant hit, or a overnight ringtone—like the idea for "Internet Love" (Trazz and Lloyd), or "Digital Girl" (Jamie Foxx, Drake, and Kanye West). Now Bobby Brackins and Ray J have put music to the arbitrary numbers that just some bored sap connected to the amount of numbers per word in "I Love You." Hey, here's one, GTFOH.

Download: Brandy "Loubitons"Bobby Brackins f. Ray J "143" (I Love You)

The Countdown To Ray J and Brandy's "Family Business"