Nate B f. 6 Tre G, Kristmas, Jackie Chain, ST 2 Lettaz, S.L.A.S.H., Money Addict, Play Cousins & Bentley, “Huntsville Stars Anthem” MP3


We are actually out of breath from typing that. There are a lot of people on this track, some of whom might be in this picture from G-Side’s MySpace, but we’re not really sure. Either way, chances are you’ll find one or two dudes you don’t know about on here, and then you can spend the rest of the day not actually doing your work and traveling down the MySpace Music wormhole into Huntsville’s rapidly expanding rap scene.

Download: Nate B f. 6 Tre G, Kristmas, Jackie Chain, ST 2 Lettaz, S.L.A.S.H., Money Addict, Play Cousins & Bentley, “Huntsville Stars Anthem”

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  1. DUi256 says:

    i know all of’em

  2. i can’t believe a site as ~cool~ as yrs hasn’t picked up on what a fucking great female rapper/producer S.L.A.S.H. is yet. she’s got the best verse on this cut without a doubt

  3. DUi256 says:

    this song is missing the PRGz, B. DeWitt, Chico 2000, J-Sib, Peep Game, Big Pope & Mali Boi.

  4. kristmas says:

    Thank you guys for spelling my name right lol!!! Please look out for slash she is next! Db49 is on deck….then “w2 boy” after that bentley’s “intelligent hoodlum” then slash’s “amber alert” and g-side’s album! Huntsville has gone international!! And the future is bright as fuck for the huntsville starrzzz

  5. Mafia Musik says:

    Very BIG for tha city of Huntsville! Everybody killed it! Big ups to NateB for puttin everything together! Be on the look out for “TheDebate” Mixtape Hosted by DJ Infamous droppin April 28th, 2010! Heavy Hitters SUCKAAAAA! Keep up with MAFIA artist @NateBMafia and @JaiMarie_87

  6. MONEY ADDICT says:

    S/O the whole huntsville!

  7. New York Yankee says:

    If this is the Huntsville movement which I have been up on for a few years now, where are the PRGz and Big Pope? Hard to say its an anthem and missing 2 of the primary players in that city! Good look for the city though.

  8. hiphophead says:

    this shit go HARD!!!!!

  9. APE305 says:

    whats the order of the artist on the song the first 3 where stupid sick! I love the SONG all the way! Where is this city!

  10. @APE305 the order is 6 Tre G, Money Addict, Kristmas, Play Cousans, Bentley, Swagg Buddies, DJ Cunta, S.L.A.S.H, Jackie Chain, ST 2 Lettaz, J. Griff, and Nate B, i think.

    Huntsville’s in northern Alabama, producing some of the best rap music around right now homie!,_Alabama