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Caps' Morning Rush Mix MP3


Back in the heady days of the mid '00s we spent quite a lot of time browsing the mixtape section at Kim's on St. Marks. Nestled in-between the one million knockoff Dipset tapes (the amount of unofficial Sheist Bub compilations was so huge it was admirable), was the Caps and Jones mixtape Moving in Stereo. It had a real unassuming cover that made us think of lounge music or those weird egg chairs that people like to sit in while listening to Thievery Corporation, but inside was a complete musical piece united only by the fact that these dudes clearly loved jams from all over the map. Not in a common music fanatic way either, they clearly just liked researching every weird nook of every sub-genre in a way that was exciting even if you never thought you wanted to get deep into late-period happy hardcore or whatever. Now, Caps has posted a mix of bonkers drum 'n' bass (also Restless People and, somehow, Screeching Weasel) that radiates enthusiasm and makes the internet seem like an abandoned museum full of hidden artifacts. If you're at that point in the day where you need a serious pick-me-up, we recommend throwing this on and passing the invisible orb until there are no more orbs to be passed.

Download: Caps' Morning Rush Mix

Caps' Morning Rush Mix MP3