Slopfunkdust f. Khrysis "Trainwreck" MP3 (Exclusive)

Khrysis (left), Slopfunkdust (right).

Depending on how much you smoke on 4/20, there's the probability of ending up looking like producers Slopfunkdust and Khrysis in the photo above. Not that it's the thing to do, but it's 4/20! Give it a pass, after taking two puffs, of course.

It's the sticky green that brought Slopfunkdust and Khrysis together on "Trainwreck". These two like-minded producers have worked together alongside Nicolay and !llmind to put together this one of 10 instrumentals from the first volume in their Smokers Choice series. These buddies pulled a Cheech and Chong, or Meth and Red—in this case—sampling sound bytes from the standard library of stoner flicks. Get an exclusive taste of "Trainwreck" after the jump.

Download: Slopfunkdust f. Khrysis "Trainwreck"

Slopfunkdust f. Khrysis "Trainwreck" MP3 (Exclusive)