Stream: Glasser, “Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)”


The one thing about The XX is that all of their songs sound so XX-y, the group’s wonderful thesis of deftly fragile songs backed by a huge number of supporting details in their songs, all diverse amongst themselves but steadfast to a larger brain trust. Jamie XX, the group’s producer, however, has begun to swerve aside from the agility of his group with his mixes and remixes. It’s clear the group draws heavily from both dance music and R&B, and you can often slice those influences apart between their electronic drum backing and their vocals. Jamie, well, he doesn’t sing. Glasser, she does—but not in his band. Her voice is massive, in many ways the antithesis to his routine source material. As if celebrating this foray to an opposite pole, this remix finds Jamie totally reconstituting “Tremel,” from her 12-inch of the same name on Young Turks, dispersing her vocals like across hiccuping bass and a loose ramble of keys and drum rolls. The last minute plus relents into the blueprint for an early ’90s house song, Glasser wordlessly la-la-ing until the track collapses with low melting keys. The remix is totally strange and sounds like another entity entirely from either Glasser or The XX, a surprisingly fruitful exquisite corpse.

Stream: Glasser, “Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)”

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