Video: Best Coast, “When I’m With You”

This video, directed by Pete Ohs for one of our favorite songs of the last six months, almost convinces us that Los Angeles is, in fact, on the best coast. Beaches? Boys? Beer? A Ronald McDonald-esque Best Coast clown as loyal companion who picks you up in his jeep and gives you everything you could possibly want, including a bag of In-N-Out burgers? We heard an urban myth that In-N-Out is opening on the Beast Coast somewhere in Brooklyn, but we will give them this much: we have no palm trees. Nor do we have a Bethany and Bobb, after last week’s slew of tri-state area shows. Come back, dudes! We need your sunshine vibes! (via MTVu)

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  1. |< 4 |2 |_ 4 says:

    Are you serious…. this is the best they could do with such a great song? what a let down…. the video on youtube with stock footage is better than this crap.

  2. So cool says:

    When does the X-rated version come out? I heard Grimace shits on her tits!