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Afraid of The National's "Afraid of Everyone"

We once shared a small Trajinera boat with the members of the National in Mexico City a few years back. True story. It was early Spring and they were in town to play a small festival with Broken Social Scene and their/our host bros in Chikita Violenta. We floated through the waterways of Xochimilco and drank new drinks, sang songs and listened to CSNY and ate quesadillas and sat in the sun for as long as it would stay. The point of the story is to say this: while those dudes are serious, they never radiated the kind of middle-aged angst their rock & roll does. "Afraid of Everyone" finds them at their most taut, a serious feat realized all the more by the inclusion of Sufjan "Kookypants" Stevens. We're into it, but conflicted all the same. Isn't the plan to mellow with age, not feel gnarlier. :/

The National, Afraid of Everyone

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Afraid of The National's "Afraid of Everyone"