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Audrey Katz, "Drugs (Canblaster RMX)" MP3


Canblaster is not kidding: this remix of French electro producer Audrey Katz whips out trebly drum blasts like like artillery popping from a BB gun. Working with muted, oddly percolating beats, he transforms her club-neon original into a militaristic, almost Cossack-invoking jam, with rhythms relentlessly kicking in unison lest they trip all over themselves. It's probably no coincidence that Canblaster appears to drink a lot of caffeinated beverages. Man after our own hearts!

Download: Audrey Katz, "Drugs (Canblaster RMX)"
(via Boule a Facettes)

Audrey Katz, "Drugs (Canblaster RMX)" MP3