NYC: Mountain Goats Documentary Screens Tonight at IFC Center

When people call concerts “religious experiences,” they usually mean they saw a very good band playing songs close enough to their hearts that they could shout along with and think positive thoughts—in other words, an exaggeration. But that phrase could literally apply to the Mountain Goats, both because the entire new album (and a good chunk of the back catalog) is actually about religion, and because their fans are typically as obsessed as kids bowing down, praising God in contemporary Christian rock infomercials. Because of this, Mountain Goats’ live show and fanbase are ripe for documentation. And Rian Johnson (who made the indie noir Brick) has done just that for a short film called The Life of the World To Come. It will be showing at the IFC Center in NYC tonight at 9:30, and the website says select audience members will also get Goats DVDs and/or posters signed by John Darnielle. No word on whether there will be any baptisms.

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