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T.I. & DJ Drama vs Jeezy & Don Cannon in...THE BATTLE OF SHIT WE WILL LISTEN TO A LOT


For the non-New Yorkers out there it might be hard to grasp why we so desperately want summer to be here already. Last night someone started complaining about it and we had to remind them that it's actually April and the normal temp is 60 degrees, and they were like, "That's stupid." Yes, the weather is stupid. And it's not helping at all that these four dudes are putting out teasers for mixtapes that will most certainly be playing at all times when the weather is indeed much nicer.

We're not sure of the politics involved—maybe none—but DJ Drama, longtime Jeezy mixtape cohort, will not be joining him on Trap or Die 2, possibly because he's putting his yelling to good use on Tip's Fuck a Mixtape mixtape. Which leaves an opening for former DJ Drama Aphilliate affiliate and producer of many a Jeezy classic Don Cannon to drops CANNONs on ToD2. Jeezy and T.I.'s quality fairly certain, it's now on Drama and Cannon to live up to expecations, and judging by their recent outings, it shouldn't be a problem. With Drama regularly putting out near album quality tapes with major dudes like Fab, Cam, OJ and B.O.B., expect Fuck a Mixtape to be filled with nothing but new anthems. On the other hand, Cannon's Gone Fishin' with Cool Kids and Smokee Robinson with Curren$y both displayed his craft a tape like the producer he is. So expect ToD2 to have a fully cohesive scheme, and hopefully a bunch of Cannon original beats, and be in a totally different lane than Tip and Drama. We don't know whose will be "better" but they will both most likely be nuts. Watch both trailers after the jump and let us know in the comments which one you're anticipating more.

T.I. & DJ Drama vs Jeezy & Don Cannon in...THE BATTLE OF SHIT WE WILL LISTEN TO A LOT