Video: Chevaughn f. Ding Dong, Craig (Voicemail) & Christopher Martin "Tables"

This video is a little outrageous but whenever we hear the words “Ding Dong and/or Voicemail” we get a little excited. The best part is the “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” at the beginning which means some girl is getting shouted out on this tune. Although the story could honestly be real and has probably happened to like, well everyone. We believe Mike Jones said it best—”Now I’m hot they all on me”—but we digress. Chevaughn’s voice is as strong and pleasant as any of the other well-known dancehall singers. He kinda reminds us of a certain Mr. Teddy Pinderass with those red sunglasses, yardie version. Peep why we love Ding Dong though: hes yelling into a phone while on a date and the girl is just sitting there jammin to the tune. That, friends, is true G.

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