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Weezer Gets In On The Dentist Office Music Market


The last time you were listening to Rivers Cuomo and crew, were you thinking to yourself, It would be really great if they started playing music that was appropriate for easy listening stations? Well, April 17th is your lucky day! The fourth annual celebration of all things local and analog, Record Store Day, is tomorrow. While we were perusing the list of RSD-only releases, we came across what might be the most bizarre combination of covers and new stuff that will be sold tomorrow: Weezer's Ratitude Happy Record Store Day with, according to the official list, "hand picked never before on CD tracks; including new versions of 'Buddy Holly,' 'Why Bother,' tracks with Kenny G and Sara Bareilles and a cover of Green Day's 'Brain Stew,'" This is great, because the last time we had a teeth cleaning, we were thinking that Kenny G's sax would be a better soundtrack to our pursuit of oral hygiene if there were vocals about heartbreak and Japan laid over it. If this piques your interest, you can go here for a list of the other gems you'll only be able to purchase tomorrow—until some jerk puts them on Craigslist on Sunday. We'll be stockpiling on wax reissues and one-time-only 7"s before they're all phased out by cassette tapes.

Weezer Gets In On The Dentist Office Music Market