Cyriously: Being Ginuwine Just Isn't Enough

I must say, some of the audio I have heard and the text I have read from Ginuwine’s recent Jaz-O vs. Jay-Z meets Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z rants against Timbaland have irked me as of late. Not sure if everyone is caught up on what I am referring to, but basically the all-mighty Ginuwine.

Remember, he got everyone horny off “My Pony” (pause) and got the fellas falling in love with Vivica A. Fox’s assets when the record was played in Booty Call back in ‘97 exposed his problems with Timbaland. Often, I prefer to semi-paraphrase but for this instance, I’ll just pull a quick quote from of what he’s been saying:

“Me and Tim were real close at one point,” he explained in an interview. “A lot of the times that I reached out, there were a bunch of excuses. I begged and pleaded with him because I felt a certain way but I was like, is it just a bad vibe that I’m picking up on? Maybe I’m bugging out, I don’t know. But it came out to be true and I still feel like he owes me an apology for that. The reason I’m pissed off at him now is because of what he did. I would’ve been cool and not bothered him if he would’ve said, ‘Nah, I’m too busy,’ or gave me the lame excuse like he’s been giving me. But don’t do it and then not do what you’re supposed to do [to promote the song].”

Gin coughed and now people want him to vomit with details about his estranged relationship with the most crossed-over producer in the past decade, “Timbo the King.” See, here’s my issue: how can you ever catch feelings toward someone who put you in the game unless there are underlying intentions? Granted, I have had bad sex plenty of times but to go out on a public forum and just dish out the personal issues as such? Very wack.

I guess it boils down to me having a very critical eye and ear to these topics, because we have all seen how it goes. Subject A calls out Subject B. Subject B typically does not respond. Subject A continues to call out Subject B. Subject B still does not respond. Subject A goes on a media-run for promotion of his/her upcoming album and is presented questions furthering his/her calling out of Subject B. Subject A uses examples and attempts sympathy for his/her cause in the case, making the public bow more so toward Subject A. Subject B either responds/does not respond, Subject A wins.

Yes, it really is very simple. I look at it in two ways, funk with me. Either Ginuwine is trying to go the cheap way out and publicly speak in order to get Timbaland to reach out to him or else Ginuwine is going down a bad marketing route to get some more exposure. To me, it’s funny because rarely, if ever, have these situations been resolved to the point of seeing artists working together once again. Even if Timbaland is at fault, after having been publicly called out, could you imagine the duo putting together a “My Pony 2″ record? (laugh)

Honestly, I feel as though Ginuwine is lame for going the route of dishing out his problems in an interview and maybe it just so happens we are getting more conditioned to viewing these tell-all situations stem from the artist’s own blog and/or Twitter, but I really cannot understand why he would take such a wack way to handle things. If there is one thing an artist like Tupac Shakur should have proved, it goes without say, the media is NOT your friend. Sorry, but at the end of the day Gin, they might act like they have compassion toward what you have to say, but “C’mon Son” (Ed Lover), you’re a veteran in R&B, you know how shady this game is.

Even going with the worst-case scenario, errything up above is wrong and it turns out Timbaland really did stunt on him—straight dirty. Funk it, without Timbaland, you would be in Virginia working at a Newport factory (sorry, but let’s #KeepItReal), but instead you hooked up with a dope producer who ignited your singles, your buzz, your career. At the very least, be thankful for that. Even if errything is true, why bring it up? Where is the pride in keeping things gully and moving on?

At the end of the day, there is no excuse. Are you teaching somebody a lesson? The media nearly reaches a climax when an artist refuses to say, “Nah, we’re good” or  "No comment” and once you say the first three sentences, it’s a wrap. Sad, but true, and to think how great of a relationship things were and to just go out in the open and start talking about this and that. It almost feels like an industry version of The Wire in some aspects. Who knows, maybe their southern roots will help bring out the hospitality and they will re-link and keep it moving, but from seeing what we have seen in music, don’t count on it. No more ponies.

Cyriously: Being Ginuwine Just Isn't Enough