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Gavin Russom's Mix for Fact


Some time ago, we posted another Fact mix and someone says "Geez, FADER, what Fact mix are you going to post next?" which is a bit like asking "Geez, Hanukkah Fairy, why are you bringing me so many presents?" Gift horse, mouth, etc. Anyway, they've got a new mix up from one of our favorite under-heralded producers (and new member of LCD Soundsystem) Gavin Russom. Russom recently retired his Black Meteoric Star moniker, and is alternately working with a group called Crystal Ark and under his birth name. We're unfamiliar with most of the folks on here (school us in the comments—but not on our boy Steve HiIllage), but two of the tracks, one right in the middle and the closer, feel as though they could have been lifted from an unreleased album of Russom's. Which we are perfectly fine with.

Download: Gavin Russom's Mix for Fact

Gavin Russom's Mix for Fact