Kelis Dual MP3 Leak: "4th of July" "22nd Century" (Update)

Photo by Jamil GS

After the Black Eyed Peas dominated 2009 with "I Got A Feeling," pretty much every special occasion has to be ruined celebrated with the song once the confetti starts flying. There's no denying's talent, or his eye for it—Shakur, even Fergie (::cringe::)—which is why it's hard to be mad at him producing Kelis' Interscope album, Flesh Tone.

Coming from left-field not looking or sounding like other pop females pre-Y2K, no one also saw the next wave of ladies that would be cut from the same cloth as Kelis Rogers. Not putting out new material in four years hasn't knocked her off her pedestal but her seat is definitely up for grabs. That's why it should be no surprise to see Kelis traveling another road less-traveled having internationally renowned DJ/producers at the helm, and now Free School (prod. Kid Cudi's "Up Up & Away, and "Heart of a Lion") whip up a near 6 minute song, long enough for a bathroom break in the middle of the fireworks. Remember Wanderland put her far ahead of her American a-alikes earning her an instant European following. After the jump, she straps the U.S. on her back for Independence Day.

Download: Kelis "4th of July"

Download: Kelis "22nd Century"


Kelis Dual MP3 Leak: "4th of July" "22nd Century" (Update)