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Somebody Eat John Lennon's Dog as Soon as Possible


According to The Sun, construction workers digging up the garden at John Lennon's former home in Weymouth, Kenwood (no idea where that is), found the long lost goodie bag the Beatle buried before the band's spiritual journey to India in 1967. On that trip, they met Ravi Shankar and learned to play some sitar, but upon their return, Lennon realized that he actually still really wanted to eat acid. Unfortunately, he never found the parcel filled with several vials of liquid LSD and it became just another tale in the Beatles legend.

When the workers found the bag, all the vials were broken except one, and that one had a cracked cork. So in other words, if you like drugs, that yard is a psychedelic Fertile Crescent. Do with that info what you will. In other news, John Lennon continues to be the coolest Beatle.

Somebody Eat John Lennon's Dog as Soon as Possible