Emily Reo Proves the 1950s Were the Lo-Fi-est Decade

Wait, this is found footage from the ’50s, right? If it’s the 1940s, those were pretty lo-fi, too, and Emily Reo‘s delicate, visceral basement lullaby is a perfect match for this Jheri-made, found Super 8 joint. However this is bringing up two questions for us: one, what is the lo-fi-est occupation: nun or farmer? Second, is the lo-fi-est instrument the xylophone or the voice? Emily Reo, you probably have some answers, so anytime you wanna break it down for us and the rest of the universe, please send us a message in a bottle up the Atlantic from Florida, for that is indubitably the lo-fi-est form of communication and we will fistfight anyone who wants to argue with us.

POSTED April 20, 2010 1:34PM IN THE TRIPWIRE Comments (1)




  1. Emily Reo says:

    that one might take me a while to figure out.