M.I.A. Signs Jaime Martinez, Master of Mysterious Gifs


For quite some time we’ve been obsessed with Jaime Martinez’s haunting photography over at Fuck You Draculas, but we’ve developed a particular affinity for his next-level gifs. By tweaking his gorgeous images so that they glimmer and twitch, Martinez has recontextualized and elevated the simple web trick of .gif-ery from a web forum punchline to a high art form. And surely it’s not as easy as it looks to create things like this and (our fave) this. Unsurprisingly, MIA noticed Martinez’s work, too: late last night she tweeted that she had signed him to her label, NEET, and twitpic’d a couple incredible examples of his work. Presumably this means he will be the official visual aesthetician of the label and its artists, as there are already a slew of moving portraits of them on the site already. It’s a smart move on MIA’s part to employ a dude with such a bold vision (and like, duh) and we hope it means Martinez’s work will be in our faces for a long time to come. Yay Jaime! Check some of his new MIA art after the jump.

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  1. rahngs says:

    phuckn’ AWESOME!!!

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