Pond, “Annie Orangetree” MP3


Sometimes in the comment section of our site (so fun!) someone will hate on us for posting about “too much New York-based music.” We’d generally disagree with that statement. Pond are very much not from New York, have possibly never been to New York, instead hanging out with Tame Impala all the way in Perth, Australia. So while their music has its roots in things we’re familiar with (What up prog rock! How’s it going analog electronics? Long time no see!), it still sounds distant and a little alien. Like maybe while Brooklyn was collectively obsessing over lo-fi, a bunch of dudes in Australia were all nerding out over weed and flutes and dragons and analog synths that look like switchboards. Look for more from Pond coming soon from Hole in the Sky records.

Download: Pond, “Annie Orangetree”

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  1. car says:

    wow…never heard about them…

  2. andrew says:

    This is the sound of the future. These guys are incredible…

  3. z says:

    Saw these guys a few months ago in Sydney and they were amazing! Awesome track.

  4. rob says:

    perth wins

  5. Wil says:

    buncha long hair un australian faggots.
    everyone knows project mayhem are the only good band in perth.


  6. josh says:

    will is a twit and mojos is where its at.

  7. Silly Sausage says:

    sizzle sizzle sizzling! I cant wait to get this into my MP3. I like the long hair Wil.

  8. Callum says:

    Great song!!! LONG HAIR!!! woooooooo love it.