Stream: FaltyDL, “Can’t Stop the Prophet”


FaltyDL just put this up on his Sound Cloud page with the note that it’s a “hip hop tune from a year or two back, jungle breakdown…” We might say triphop, but, you know, we like microgenres. We’re not going to disagree with the designation of the jungle breakdown that comes towards the end of the well paced tune: it’s a jungle breakdown. This is a cool, simple track that’s just as interesting to hear in context of FaltyDL’s other work that more heavily leans two step, a fractured take on dance. He also says it’s a year or two old, so check it out to see another side of the producer that is more recently less explored, one maybe more indebted to his New York location than a lot of his songs which live musical context over on the other side of the Atlantic.

Stream: FaltyDL, “Can’t Stop the Prophet”

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