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Stream the National's High Violet at a NEWSPAPER'S WEBSITE

the-nationalThat's right folks, as you might have seen the announcement in the last week or two, the New York Times are streaming indie rock for the first time today. The album, The National's High Violet, will be streaming until Tuesday on the Times' website. We're about a half-listen into the full thing while writing this, and while we're pretty into it we would note (as we did with their second leak) that this seems like a shift from aging laments to much more angst-ridden aggressions on growing older and beardier. That said, since this will one day be our fate as well, there are few we'd rather have soundtrack shit. The stream accompanies a lengthy feature Nicholas Dawdoff wrote for the Times magazine that, aside from effectively detailing the band's journey up to this point, notes that twin brothers Bryce and Aaron both played midfield for their high school soccer team. This had to have been confusing for the teenage female population of Cincinnati. Are you not streaming the album yet? Go now, while you're still young. We're really feeling "Lemonworld." If this experience ends up leaving you wanting more, they're also hosting five nights worth of events at a vacant annex right next to Other Music in Manhattan that they're logically calling the High Violet Annex. More details on album's website.

Stream the National's High Violet at a NEWSPAPER'S WEBSITE