Marques Houston Has Us Kickin and Screamin

This may come as a surprise but we receive pounds and pounds of CDs a week not to mention submissions via e-mail. Usually we sift through them carefully amidst our speedblogging and daily morning coffee chug contest. Although we only really listen to the ones that have shiny covers; sometimes we pick some based on music. Anyway, here at Suite903 once you give us a jam we tend to try and believe in you for a while. So we were kinda excited to see that Marques Houston had a new single. To our chagrin, what we received was the worst example of CD promo and a lesson in why it was so hard to win us over. We'll break down our disappointment for you and let you hear the single for yourself after the jump.

We put the CD into our computers hoping to only keep the versions we were interested in. Our brains were thrown into a whirlwind when to our surprise our iTunes informed us that we were about to import Natalise's "Get Off Me Hip Hop Remix." We had been bamboozled. We pulled the CD out and as expected, it said Marques Houston. We were perplexed. We did the semi final round of coffee shots (double espresso, no breathing) and tried again. When we clicked on the track it was definitely MH (SMH) but somehow iTunes tagged it as Natalise. We do not like being lied to. Also what if we imported and never looked. How would we ever find the track again?

The back cover offers us six different tracks, the first of which is the ultra clean. We might be acting really snobby right now but ultra clean and clean versions? Lets be serious guys: Marques' "Mattress Music" is not that serious, or is it? Also should I really have to listen to two censored tracks before the dirty version. But guess what guys, it's a farce! Every version is censored! In that case, we just wasted 12 minutes of our lives and wasting people's time is not the way to get them to play a track. We're mad. We're very mad.

To put it simply this is pretty much a fail. We're not happy and Marques shouldn't be either. What if we passed this on to our friends? What if they got mad at us and never spoke to us again? What if this breaks up relationships? Innocent bystanders could get hurt. Whatever, Marques we're rooting for you but it's not looking good. Check the new track.

Download: Marques Houston "Kickin and Screamin"

Marques Houston Has Us Kickin and Screamin